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Field trips and Activities brought to you!

Revolutionary War
  • Colonial Militia: Drill and March

  • Paul Revere's Freedom of the Press: Woodblock cut Flyers

  • Children's Game of Graces

  • Boycott of British Goods, Home Chores:  Candle or Butter making

  • Throw a Tomahawk

The California Gold Rush
  • Pan for Gold

  • Sluice Box/ Long tom

  • Mine w/ Rockers or Cradles

  • Throw a Tomahawk

  • Square Dance

  • Gold Test/ Assayer's Prizes

Native Americans
  • Shoot a Bow and Arrow

  • Make a Clay Pinch-Pot

  • Braid Yucca & Grind Acorns into 'showii'

  • Throw a Tomahawk

  • Visit a Life-Size Sioux Tipi

  • Learn about Trading and Make a Bracelet to take home

Early American Farm Life
  • Make Apple Cider

  • Wool Carding & Spinning

  • Apple Pie Making

  • Buttermaking or Candle-Making

  • Farm Chores: Wash Clothes in a basin, Beat the Rug with a Stick, and Stuff a Mattress with Fresh Hay

General Info:


All on-school-site programs are a minimum of 2 hours. 


Hands-on interactive activities

Experienced Costumed Guides


Programs feature the Revolutionary War, California Gold Rush, Native American, or Early American Farm Life


Cost is $18-$25 per student w/ a minimum of 75 students + a mileage fee from Julian, CA. Cost is based on location.


References provided upon request. 18 years of experience with living history programs.


Questions?  Please give us a call, text or email we are happy to help.



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