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Creation Science

Conflicted on what to believe?   Did God create the universe or did it 'pop' into existence without any cause?


This 2.5 hour tour applies the scientific method to observations found in nature in order to compare these contrasting theories.  This tour is  great for public schools whose curriculum standards recommend both origin theories be taught, as well as the Christian, private and home school groups who want to grasp a better understanding of these two very different explanations. Join us as we use hands-on demonstrations and experiments to help answer the ultimate question...

...what is the origin of life? 

  • Carbon Dating 

  • Laws of Thermodynamics 

  • Micro & Macro Evolution 

  • The Jurassic Column 

  • The Fossil Record 

  • The Creation Account 

  • Worldwide Flood 

$15 per person  with a minimum group size of 30.  Call ahead for availability
951 313 0166.  Activities may vary and other schools, groups, or organizations may be present.  Number of guides varies with size of group.   Most tours start at 10:00 AM and conclude around 12:30 PM, but exceptions can be made with prior approval.  No portion of this tour will be repeated for late arrivals, please make arrangements to arrive 10-15 minutes before your tour is scheduled.  Click here to make a reservation. 


Want to know more about this creative God? click here

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