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Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: We are typically only open on the weekends from 10:00 AM -5:00 PM Sat./ 12-5 Sun. for the general public, but private events and field trips can be scheduled at any time.
Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: Cash or Visa/Mastercard.
Q: What can my family do there on the weekends?

A: Gold panning is a good place to start.  The gold panning admission includes a lesson and vial for the base price of $7/kids and $9 adults. You will be panning for real gold out of a waist-high wooden trough located under a shady walnut tree. The general admission gold ore is un-searched, un-screened Banner Creek which is typically smaller sizes and challenging to extract.  This being the case, a concentrate pan $16 and (or) premium grade gold ore bags $70 may be purchased at the General Store.  The purchase of either of these include the general panning admission (lesson, vial, and Banner Creek ore pile). The concentrate pan generally contains 15-30 pieces of fine gold and the premium grade gold ore gives the panner the thrill of finding 'pickers' and small nuggets.
Typically we recommend Gem Mining for kids less than 12 years-old. Gem bags or buckets ($11.50--$70) containing ore 'rough' can be purchased and then the contents 'sluiced'  using screens and running water.  Usually this is the most popular mining activity with children!  It is uncomplicated and virtually fool-proof.  Once purchased the contents of the bags or buckets are placed in the mining screens then dipped into the water.  After a few vigorous shakes the colorful gems begin to appear.  JMC's gem ore source is brought in from mines/miners both locally and worldwide.  It is not only a children's activity, adult gem hunters will also enjoy the excitement of finding beautiful and rare gemstones.
Q: What tours/field trips are appropriate for what age levels or school grades?

A: All our tours/field trips can be geared at any age level and fun for students and adults alike, however, the Lil' Pioneer Apple tour is primarily visited by K-3rd grade levels, the Native American tour by 3rd grade levels, Gold Rush 4th grade, Civil War & Revolutionary War for 5th-8th, Creation Science 3rd and up.
Q: What is the cost of your U-pick agriculture?

A: We charge slightly higher prices per pound than found in the local grocery store or fruit stand.
Q: What happens to our tour/ field trip in bad weather?

A: In most cases the tour/field trip will continue as planned. Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Wear layered clothing in cold windy conditions or snowy days. In cases of extreme weather and heavy rain, it may be necessary to reschedule the field trip date. We will call the contact person no later than 7:00 AM to discuss this option. Also check the website home page for weather updates.
Q: Is there a group discount?

A: We usually feature a group package discount of $20 for a bundle of 4 activities of your choice which may vary seasonally.  This discount generally applies to groups of greater than 4 and less than 30.  If you have a larger group we are happy to pro-rate the price according to your large group.  This excludes school field trips which have a set price per student. (1 teacher is free for every 25 students)

Q: Are dogs allowed on the property?

A: Yes! Dogs on a leash are welcomed. (Please pick-up after them).

Frequently Asked Questions

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