The Civil War

In the North it was viewed as the War of Rebellion, in the South, a second fight for Independence and referred to as the War of Northern Aggression.  In this 3.5 hour interactive living history tour, participants learn of the struggles prior to and during the war which often set brother against brother and father against son.  Groups arriving on time can expect to complete at least 5 of the 9 activities listed below.  


  • Industry of the North

  • Agrarian South/Cottage Industries

  • Drill and March

  • Sutler's Store

  • Letter's Home 

  • A Lesson In Victorian Etiquette

  • California's Contribution

  • A Soldier's Life

  • Town Hall Debate

  • Surgeon/Field Hospital 


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Keep your heads low! Upon arrival your group will be greeted by soldiers from the North or South as you witness a brief skirmish soon followed by a picket exchange of civilians. An introduction will be given, groups called companies assigned, and students & teachers led to their first station rotations (the activities listed above). When stations are complete a mid-day break will be given for lunch, after which students and teachers, led by costumed guides, will take up arms and reenact the battles that were major changing points in the war. The day concludes with a dramatic speech.


Cost is $14.75 per person with a group minimum of 25 which is required to reserve a date. Families or smaller groups can be added to an existing date for $17 each. Call ahead for availability (951) 312-9940. Activities may vary and other schools, groups, or organizations may be present. Number of costumed guides varies with size of group. Most tours start at 10:00 AM and conclude around 2:00 PM. No portion of this tour will be repeated for late arrivals, please make arrangements to arrive 10-15 minutes before your tour is scheduled. All deposits are non-refundable and required to reserve a date. Click here to make a reservation!

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