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Native American Tour

1492: Columbus supposes his landing spot to be India and greets the native 'Indians'. Soon after the American Continent is opened to European settlers, trappers, and explorers. 
In this 4 hour field trip your group will learn of a variety of Native American tribes and of their cultures and customs.  Approximately 7-9 of the bulleted activities below will be completed for groups arriving on time. Interactive, participatory activities will keep you busy as you spend a day the native way!

  • Grind Acorns

  • Shoot a Bow & Arrow

  • Make a Clay Pinch Pot

  • Trapper's Trading Post

  • Visit a Sioux Tipi

  • Tomahawk Throw

  • Make Jewelry

  • Yucca Weaving

  • Fire-Making w/ Flint and Steel

  • Spear Toss

Cost is $14.75 per person and a group minimum of 25 is required to reserve a date.  Families or smaller groups can be added to an existing date for $18 each. Call ahead for availability (951) 312-9940.  Activities may vary and other schools, groups, or organizations may be present.  Number of costumed guides varies with size of group.   Most field trips start at 10:00 AM and conclude around 2:00 PM.  No portion of this tour will be repeated for late arrivals, please make arrangements to arrive 10-15 minutes before your field trips is scheduled.  All deposits are non-refundable and required to reserve a date. 
See California Curriculum and Content standards met by this field trip for History and Social Studies.


We're a working farm. Crops ripe in season may be enjoyed by our field trip guests. Add raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, apples, pumpkin or garden vegetable picking to your experience for an additional fee.
Native American continued: Groups called 'tribes' are divided by class sizes in order to maximize time and space during station rotations (the bulleted activities listed above). Groups rotate in a circular fashion throughout the day until all stations are complete. A break is given at midday for participants to eat sack lunches. The Trapper's Trading Post has toys, souvenirs, furs, gems and minerals for sale to those that bring pocket spending money. This tour is great for 3rd and 5th grade levels studying westward expansion and Native American customs & cultures, but can be geared for any age level.
Click here to make a reservation!

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